Pike Fishing Tips to Catch More Fish and Save Your Fingers


Northern Pike are one of the best game fish you can catch. They are aggressive, powerful, and vicious. This is a challenge that makes fishing exciting. We are going to share a few pike fishing tips that will help you catch more of these exciting fish and keep your fingers intact.


Tip One – Respect the Northern Pike. Those teeth in the Pike’s mouth are sharp and can rip the skin off your finger in a second. There have been reports of people losing chunks of skin from their fingers, arms, and even noses when getting two nonchalant with a pike. Make sure you use a pair of needle nose pliers, or a good hook puller, to remove your hook or lure from the Northern Pike’s mouth. We suggest flattening barbs to make sure you can remove the hook easily.

Tip Two – Use a steel leader. Look at a Northern Pike’s teeth, again. Those teeth rip through monofilament line instantly. Use a good steel leader, preferably six to eighteen inches in length. You may want a variety of leader lengths to use with different lures. We prefer a pre-tied leader with a swivel at one end and a snap at the other. This allows for fast lure changes. This is one of the most important of our pike fishing tips. If you do not use a tough leader, you are wasting your time.

Tip Three – Carry a variety of lures. We recommend have a good variety of lures with their primary colors being white, yellow, and green. Keep a few other colors available to experiment with if the fish are hesitant to strike. The main lure types we have found effective include:

• Spoons

• Spinnerbaits

• Jig and Worm

• In-Line Spinners


• Surface Plugs

• Immitation Minnow Plugs

Keep a few of each of these top choices in your tackle box. Pike change their eating behaviors depending on water temperature, color, and other conditions. You may need to experiment with your lures to find what the hot choice is today.

Tip Four – Never give up on a pike. Pike are very similar to cats when they feed. They like to play with the lure and then finally attack for the kill. A big pike may pick up your lure two or three times before making the big hit. Even when a pike breaks loose, do not give up. These ferocious predators are knows to attack the same lure in the same location multiple times. When you locate a pike stick with it until you are certain it has given up and moved on.

Tip Five – Do not undersize your tackle. Make sure you use a strong enough rod, reel, and line to catch your pike. The Northern Pike is a fighter. You are going to face the kind of battle you enjoy when you hook into a pike. As local fishermen or guides what size of pike you are likely to encounter and size your equipment to match. Remember, the Northern Pike’s long body and razor sharp teeth have put it at the top of their food chain for millions of years. Your equipment is in for an epic battle.

Following these few pike fishing tips will help you land more fish and protect you from injury. Pike fishing is exciting, fun, and slightly dangerous. That makes the perfect combination for a fun fishing trip.